It's a beautiful, slow-moving composition...

We all need space to breathe, to let our minds have some kind of rest.

That's kind of what The Ambient Zone supplies, a point of congregation for composers whose ambient work coincides with mindfulness, or other methods of relieving stress and mental health issues.

London based composer Rob Lewis has many aspects to his work, combining a fondness for experimentation alongside involvement with projects led by Noel Gallagher, David Holmes, and more.

His solo work veers towards the ambient, constructed in such a way that the final mixdown is akin to a live performance.

He explains: “My passion for ambient music stems from the notion that compositions create an atmosphere or feeling that connects with people on many levels.  Its diverse soundscape makes all musical styles relevant, it is just a matter of fusing the preferred elements together...”

'Closed Caption' is taken from his recent album, but has been given an entirely distinct mix for the Ambient Zone. It's a glacial piece, one that envelopes you, sucking you in at every turn.

Tune in now.

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