Shot on VHS...

Technology may march ever forward, but some artists just can't help reaching backwards.

There's something about the grainy, damaged quality of analogue recording that suits some artists, that allows them to produce something rather more affecting, rather more real.

Sextile reached for VHS when thinking about their next video 'Visions Of You'. Working with Jesse Kelly, the group needed something with a bit of dirt in it:

"We simply wanted to create something that resembled music videos we love and at the same time, particularly fitting to our sound visually. The video was also shot on VHS as it just seemed more visually appealing to us. It made sense."

Jesse Kelly adds: "My inspiration was to visually recreate the dirty aesthetics and sound of Sextile."

Gritty yet entrancing, you can check out 'Visions Of You' below.

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