On a school trip to Paris...
Rejjie Snow

Context is everything.

What on the surface can seem like braggadocio can reveal insecurities, inexperience. The simplest of statements can be muddied by placing them in a new setting, by allowing context to overwhelm meaning.

Rejjie Snow grew up by absorbing rap cliches, by soaking up standard lines. Stripped from new EP 'Rejovich', 'Snow (My Rap Song)' strings as many of these cliches together, piling them high with the results being so dense that meaning splinters and cracks under the weight.

An intelligent dissection of trending rap mores, 'Snow (My Rap Song)' comes equipped with a video which builds on these themes. Rejjie Snow appears as himself on a school trip to Paris, his vivid imagination fusing with the surroundings as a means of exploring his love of hip hop culture.

Shot by Jamie Delaney, you can watch it now on Clash.

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'Rejovich' is out now.

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