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So if you hadn’t heard Justin Timberlake has planted his throbbing libido in the decaying corpse of Myspace. And his plan seems to be working. Going off the rammed, visceral, kinetic and thriving mass of bodies twisting to Sleigh Bells acerbic rock, things are looking up for the former white elephant of social networks.

Dwarfed by two huge stacks of Marshall Amps, they’d managed to completely hide their drummer / programmer. With Jason Boyer and Derek E. Miller prowling with their duelling guitars, Alexis was livid on stage, bouncing off the dense crowd, her actions hitting fractals across the splash of LCD screens broadcasting the mayhem. Packing the punchiest sound system we’ve heard this week weaponised by banks of strobes it was the perfect setting for this viscous rock band to showcase. Hammering out well heeled classics such as ‘Rill Rill’ and ‘Treats’ they lacked for absolutely nothing. This was hard, angry energising rock music at its most optimised. Possibly the most impressive return of a perennial fave for Clash.

Words by Matthew Bennett


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