It's part of a rich new vein of activity...

The phrase 'lockdown album' is about to become, well, a little over-used.

Musicians with a lot of time to use up have suddenly become over-active, and our Inbox is being flooded with new material.

That said, some jewels are emerging. Take Hannah Moule and the Moulettes, who intend to release 55 pieces of music in the next 12 months, spread across 11 EPs.

Outlandish prog-pop with nods towards the twin worlds of classical and jazz, it's a torrent of creativity from a group whose reputation spans from Central London hubs through to enormous Quebec festivals.

Hannah Moule takes the lead on new single 'Attention', with her charming half-spoken vocal augmented by co-founder Oli Austin and supported by vocalist and guitarist Raevennan Husbandes.

A vivid introduction to their plans, 'Attention' is a neat ear-worm, with its surreal palette united alongside a desire for the human touch.

“This song started tongue in cheek, just a reminder to extricate ourselves from the digital dimension for some analogue human love time.”

“I had read this quote which struck a chord with me: attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity... which I later found was attributed to Simone Weil, the radical French Philosopher, activist and mystic. She’s written a whole treatise on the idea of 'attention', truth, grace and metamorphosis and I delved a bit more into some of these ideas on the other EP tracks.”

We can share the dazzling video, a truly inventive visual feast. Hannah continues...

"The video was created by Nathan Sonic, and through lockdown restraints he knew he couldn’t make any 3D models or stop motion as we had previously worked on, so he instead used the hours he could steal and decided to code an entire interactive 8-bit style website with games, hidden messages, videos, secret jokes, and Moule related trivia."

"The finished spectacle is then a video of the screen as Nathan interacts in time with the website, as it overloads and goes into digital meltdown. He wanted to illustrate a slice of the digital distraction, chaos and overstimulation most of us participate in on a daily basis. You can explore the website, which exists in real time, here: and go on your own Moule Quest, gathering facts, making sounds, and peeking in to the realms of our imagination."

Tune in now.

Fans can get involved in the making of the Moulettes new run of EPs HERE.

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