Directed by Young Replicant
The xx

It should have been a lot more difficult than this.

Taking time off after the exhausting tour which followed their debut album, The xx were left with the daunting prospect of following up a wonderful opening statement. Released earlier this month, 'Coexist' has proved to be an easy transition to make; subtle in its progression, the band have been able to push ahead without losing sight of their unique identity.

Album highlight 'Chained' has received the visual treatment, with the band posting the video online this afternoon. A statement from The xx: "Here is our new video for Chained! Directed by Young Replicant, who were a pleasure to work with. Spending 2 days underwater wasn't quite as easy as we thought. We love how it turned out, hope you enjoy too, xx The xx". 

Watch it now.

- - -

Photograph: Devin Blair


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