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Oscar-winning, Quentin Tarantino-helmed Spaghetti Western revenge tale Django Unchained is out now on DVD and Blu-ray, and Clash has a handful of copies of the film, and its soundtrack, to give away.

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Said Clash’s January/February 2013 issue in previewing Django Unchained: “a terrifically tall-looking tale of guns, greed and revenge – what could be more Tarantino?”

Django Unchained’s script was penned by director Tarantino himself – his intention throughout to capture the depictions of good and evil that had characterised his own favourite Westerns, while also focusing in on one man’s struggle.

Of his script’s intents, Tarantino said: “It can’t be more nightmarish than it was in real life. It can’t be more surrealistic than it was in real life. It can’t be more outrageous than it was in real life. It’s unimaginable to think of all the pain and suffering that went on in this country, making it perfect for the Spaghetti Western interpretation.

“Spaghetti Westerns have always been my favourite,” continues the director. “I thought that, the day I do one, it’d be in that Sergio Corbucci universe.” Corbucci was famed for his violent films – and the Italian directed the 1966 Western Django, from which …Unchained draws obvious inspiration.

Of Tarantino’s depiction of the extreme violence that sits at the heart of many a great Western tale, especially one with its narrative rooted in revenge, actress Kerry Washington (Broomhilda Von Shaft in Django Unchained) says: “He’s not afraid of violence, and darkness, and the dark side of the soul.  I think that you need someone who isn’t afraid of those areas to be able to tell a story that takes place at this time.

“Because it is fundamentally a love story, you also need someone who believes in the goodness of human beings, and believes in love, and believes in beauty to be able to hold onto the love story in the space of all that evil and darkness and greed.  I think it’s amazing that he’s able to hold both of those spaces.”

Jamie Foxx, who plays Django himself, says of Tarantino’s script: “It was the most incredible script I’ve read in all of my life.  I thought, ‘Who has the guts and the knowledge to tell it like it really is?’ I thought that the way he’s telling the story, as true and as honest, if it rips your flesh off, so be it.  That’s what was exciting about the process.”

Django Unchained also stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin J. Candie, Samuel L Jackson as Stephen, and Christoph Waltz as Dr King Schultz. The above quotes are taken from production notes on the movie.

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