The final season of the award-winning show...

The Sopranos star James Gandolfini’s recent passing got the Clash office thinking about outstanding father figures to have graced the small screen.

The late actor’s multi-award-winning turn as Tony Soprano was the pulsing heart at the centre of the show. He portrayed a very exaggerated model that many a father can relate to: where you’ve a very public face, one that you share with your children, friends and other loved ones; and a very private one that’s got its share of shadows.

Homer Simpson mightn’t seem, on sight, to be a comparable character to Tony Soprano. But he, too, is forever torn between what he keeps to himself and what his family is told. Take the episode where he desperately works two jobs to cover the upkeep for Lisa’s pony – he’s mortified at the thought that his daughter will rumble him, and feel sad for pushing her father to the edge of sleep-deprived madness.

Breaking Bad’s Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is yet another father of palpable light and shade.

The former high-school teacher’s evolution into a drug kingpin of global renown isn’t the most likely of stories, and The Sopranos probably pulled off a better balancing act of mixing family matters with illegal activities. But with a tight cast and few-punches-pulled scripting, Breaking Bad has really earned its successes: Cranston has taken home several Emmys, while supporting actors have been equally rewarded.

The show, which begins its final run – the second half of season five – in the States in August, has won a total of 43 major awards. Not bad, not bad at all.

But, just perhaps, you’re yet to see the show. Which is where Clash can help. We’ve got five copies of season five’s first eight episodes, on DVD, to give away.

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